SmartCam Premium Server

We are using high performance servers located in Europe to bring you super fast ECM time, 99.9% Server uptime with backup servers offering rare and uniqe channels.

Smartcam CS Packages

We are offering most popular packages suitable for majority of customers from Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Smartcam Plugins Installation Method

Smartcam is based on OScam, you can use it like normal oscam with freedom to use other servers lines.Download Smartcam Plugins IPK DEB and for Andriod from below link;

Smartcam DEB Plugins

Smartcam IPK Plugins

Smartcam Plugins_su for Andriod v7

For andriod such as xcruiser copy plugin_su folder into usb flash drive then install plugin. Once plugins install run smartcam from blue panel or softcam menu then access smartcam/oscam webinfo from browser type in


Copy or Take a photo send us Smartcam Activation code For 2-3 days free Trail Activation.

Plugins can be install by following procedure

Connect your box by DCC or winscp or any other FTP software from your PC.

Load deb or ipk plugins file to /tmp folder


OpenVix install instructions

  • Menu > setup > VIX > Ipkg install
  • memory/tmp
  • Press ok on the package
  • press green to install.


Load ipk/deb to /tmp folder

blackhole install instructions

1-Press Green button to launch Black Hole Green Pannel

2-Next press the yellow button on the remote

3-Choose Manually install ipk package

4-Choose the ipk  and press OK

5-Choose YES to confirm installation


Install by putty

OE2.0 Enigma2:

opkg install /tmp/lastupdate.ipk


opkg install --force-overwrite /tmp/lastupdate.ipk

OE2.5 DreamOS:

dpkg -i /tmp/lastupdate.deb


dpkg -i --force-overwrite /tmp/lastupdate.deb
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